Big Print Volume

Big Print Volume

Big Print Volume allows a trader to monitor a large number of symbols for trades that are made by larger players in the market.

Often the place where a large traders places an 'at market' order can give clues as to what the smart money is doing.  During the normal trading day it's hard to keep track from this information and to have it at your fingertips for use later in the trading day.

That's where Big Print Volume comes in with the following features:-

  • Set the size of orders you'd like to track
  • Set alerts that give you instant notifications that a Big Print has taken place
  • Nominate how many hours the alerts will be tracked
  • Display every alert in graphical form on a chart time frame of your choice.

Big Print is easy to use right out of the box.  Either use the workspace that is provided or create your own.  If creating your own with two simple inserts of the Big Print study you'll be ready to go.

Take some time to review our video of Big Print in action.

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