Data Anywhere

Data Anywhere

Data Anywhere has been designed for use with the Tradestation trading platform.  

Traders often trade multiple time frames and the exchange of data between the time frames is not something that is done easily.  Data Anywhere changes the game.

The purpose of Data Anywhere is simple, give a Tradestation user the ability to generate data on any chart type on any time frame and make that data available on any chart type and any time frame.

For instance, a user may have an Exponential Moving Average they have running on a 5 minute chart and would like to see it's data plotted on a Mean Renko chart.  With Data Anywhere, the possibilities are endless.

Tradestation users can now access Data Anywhere by one of the following methods

  • Via a core set of preprogrammed indicators
  • Via an indicator they own that's been customized by Traders Toolshed to include Data Anywhere
  • Via code customization done by the user (Knowledge of Easy Language is a prerequisite)

In addition to having an indicator data being taken from one chart and placed on another, Traders Toolshed has designed a console that allows a user to create meaningful trend algorithms by combining trend data from multiple indicators into one output.