Volume Profile

Volume Profile Indicator for Tradestation

Here's a comprehensive and flexible Volume-at-Price tool for Tradestation users that displays Point of Control, Upper and Lower Value Areas, Low & High Volume Nodes and more. Each profile element is fully customizable in appearance.

Profiles can be drawn in 7 different ways.

1) From Selected Time

2) From Selected Date and Time

3) User Selected Area

4) Custom Session

5) Rolling Minutes

6) Rolling Seconds

7) Every X Minutes

Any segment of price action can be easily selected and more than one profile can be displayed on the same chart using a single instance of the indicator

Our Tradestation platform exclusive volume profile indicator has been designed so that you’ll see the same information and representation in real-time as when using historical data. Our Volume Profile indicator now uses both an approximation model or it can be configured for down to the tick accuracy and can be placed on any chart type


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If there's a Volume Profile feature that this indicator cannot yet perform, let us know and we'll work on having it incorporated.

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Volume Profile in Beta

Access to Volume Profile is currently $1 / month while extensive Beta testing is carried out.  If you contribute with feedback and enhancements to the product, the fee will be returned.

The idea of having the beta as a monthly fee is due to the fact of some limitations of the Tradestation TradingApp Store.  If it's listed as a name that contains Beta and have it as a free download, when it comes time for me to convert it over to a paying product the free product will be deleted in order to introduce the new product.  This will be a major inconvenience for users that want to continue to use the product as they will then have to go out and reconfigure any existing charts with the new version.  By listing the product as a paying product and then offering to return the fee for active Beta users, when it comes time to increase the price for a paying product, users will not have to reconfigure their charts.

It's yet to be decided what the final monthly fee will be on this version of Volume Profile.  Based on uptake on the earlier version that was listed, it is anticipated that it will be in the $5 to $9 range.


Return of fees while in Beta will be done using Paypal