Volume Profile

Volume Profile Indicator for Tradestation

Here's a comprehensive and flexible Volume-at-Price tool for Tradestation users that displays Point of Control, Upper and Lower Value Areas, Low & High Volume Nodes and more. Each profile element is fully customizable in appearance.

Profiles can be drawn in 7 different ways.

1) From Selected Time

2) From Selected Date and Time

3) User Selected Area

4) Custom Session

5) Rolling Minutes

6) Rolling Seconds

7) Every X Minutes

Any segment of price action can be easily selected and more than one profile can be displayed on the same chart using a single instance of the indicator

Our Tradestation platform exclusive volume profile indicator has been designed so that you’ll see the same information and representation in real-time as when using historical data. Our Volume Profile indicator now uses both an approximation model or it can be configured for down to the tick accuracy and can be placed on any chart type


Introduction Video